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Club News:

Spring Chukar Challenge will be April 18th and 19th. Registrations are now being accepted.

We are sad to report Mark Holliday, one of the founding members of the Allegheny Bird Dog Club has passed away.

    Mark was a talented mechanic who could fix about anything and had a deep love of hunting and bird dogs. He was a valuable source of information on dogs and training . As a very young man he had bred several litters by Johnny Crockett, spent time at Glenville, PA where he watched Gerald and George Tracy work Guard Rail and other. He spent hours in the woods behind Grouse Ridge Reroy, Wrongway, and many others. Mark was always happy to assist new trainers just starting out. He will be missed .


    Ryan Frame posted a small piece about Mark on the Coverdog Message Board about Mark. It can be viewed here.

Mark Mark and Eric Mark and Bruce
Mark on the Chesapeake Bay striper fishing. Mark & Eric with Gracie (Eric's dog that Mark bred) - Mark's holding a grouse he killed over Gracie near Grayling, Michigan. Mark & Bruce with Doodle Ridge Jigs - the dog they co-owned with the 2009 Pennsylvania Grouse Championship trophy.

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About The Club:

    The Allegheny Bird Dog Club is an open membership club that is dedicated to the bird dog owner looking for a training facility. The club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the approximately 250 acres of land the club leases. The club holds a hunting preserve license allowing members to shoot quail and pheasant from September through March. A flight pen and pigeon coup is maintained on the club grounds. Pigeon and quail are purchased by the club and available for use by club members during the training season. Pheasants are released on the grounds yearly for training. Chukar and pigeons are not considered game birds in PA and can be shot year round on the club grounds. No club birds may be shot. Any member wanting to shoot birds on club grounds must purchase their own birds. Individual fields may be reserved by members wishing to hold private hunts.

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    Want to become a member of the Allegheny Bird Dog Club? Club dues are $85 per year. Club members are responsible to do their part in sharing the workload of keeping the club running smoothly. This includes helping on work days, mowing grass, feeding birds, and helping during the chukar challenge. All new members are expected to help during at least two club events during their first year of membership. Contact the club president or vice president for additional information.

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